the evolution 
of datacenter 
THE time of CONVERGEd  

Compared to traditional IT infrastructures, a converged infrastructureis a way of structuring 
an IT system which groups multiple components like hypervisor, network, data storage
into a single optimized computing package.

To Grove Your Business

Thanks to the performance improvement of the last hardware hardware and software for servers, it has been possible to converge into a single object, called appliance. Compared to traditional IT infrastructures, an infrastructure converged better exploits the potential made available by the hardware, concentrating computing and storage resources within it.
A software-defined IT architecture today is essential to keep up with new IT dynamics. Faced with the need to modernize the application park, eliminating where possible isolated or difficult to maintain IT systems, hyperconference, through its ability to homogenise and consolidate the infrastructure and applications, is able to drastically reduce the complexity of management and management costs.

Unified Storage

Info-OS integrates in a single product many services and communication protocols with functions dedicated to efficient error management and storage optimization, in order to achieve a reduction in costs for your company and an increase in productivity. Thanks to advanced redundancy technologies, Info-OS is perfectly able to guarantee the safeguarding / protection / conservation of company data and the management of continuity within the system. Info-OS storage is a powerful system that combines hardware and software components to ensure quick / fast access to data, thanks (due to) the way it is acquired, managed and distributed on the system. The advanced architecture allows for easy integration with all server or client systems and the storage system of other manufacturers on the basis of connections: iSCSI, NFS and CIFS / SMB. Info-OS is designed to support files on heterogeneous networks, in order to guarantee reliability, performance and efficiency. The UNIX operating system and its exclusive ZFS file system offer a high level of error detection and a correct mechanism for these, so the data cannot be damaged. 


Instantaneus Data Backup

Instantaneus data backup with localy snapshot are always consistent, with self-healing capabilities. 
Copies of all kinds of data are consistent, including databases and running virtual machines with all of their applications and data.

Snapshot Auto-scheduling

Scheduling of data backup (snapshot) can be run automatically every minute, hour, day, week, month, year. Over 1440 localy snapshots a day, with incremental space usage increase of 0.1% on average.  

Incremental Replication

Incremental remote replication share common data and benefit from in-line data or on other INFO-OS devices allows to save disk space and also allows to optimize system resources.

Space Efficiency

No data is copied or storage is provisioned when taking a local snapshot.

Istant Data Recovery

All native snapshot are ready to be restored or replaced instantaneous without any storage provisioning.
Data can be restored instantly from one of multiple snapshots through the Snapshot Rollback function.


100% immune to cyber-attacks (ransomware) and 100% immune to unintentional data destruction.
With INFO-OS your data is guaranteed to always to be consistent 


Instantaneous cloning of data with zero allocation disk space.
Clone initially shares all its disk space with the original snapshot. As changes are made to the clone, it uses more disk space.


Disaster Recovery is up to 20 Times cheaper, IT infrastructure restoration is instantaneous, with a reduction in costs by up to 97%. 


Disk Pool Live Expansion

You can expand the disks pool any time without down-time or performance’s lose during the expansion.

Hybrid Disk Pool

Improve your performance with Hybrid Read and Write Cache Technology with first level in RAM (ARC -Adaptive Replacement Cache) and second Read Cache level on an SSD or NVMe (L2ARC).

Disks Pool Fast Rebuild

If you are a small business owner, then you certainly feel the economic pressure burdened on our times. Even top companies are experiencing financial losses



No system shutdown caused by system maintenance or hardware update.

Automatic Failover  

Continuous availability of all data keeps business running and allows companies to maintain all operations even if critical situations or disasters appear. This is achieved with High Availability systems,